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Rebuilding Health.
Rehabilitating Injury/Disease.
Restoring Function.
Revitalizing Life.

Roaring Fork Physical Therapy (RFPT) has served patients in the Roaring Fork Valley for the past 33 years, offering manually based, individualized, and goal-oriented patient management and care.
Libby Pettit, PT, DPT, founded RFPT in 1990.


My career in physical therapy started in neurologic rehabilitation, working with Closed Head Injury and Spinal Cord Injury as the team leader for CHI at Hilltop Hospital in Grand Junction, CO. In 1990, I opened RFPT offering outpatient physical therapy care in the MidValley area. 


I have advanced and extensive training in manual therapy, including soft tissue and joint mobilization through Paris, Maitland, and Folwer techniques; I am Level 2 certified in Manual Lymphedema Management through the LeDuc Method; I am Level 2 certified in Functional Dry Needling through Kinetacore; and I am certified in Blood Flow Restriction training through Owen Recovery BFR Systems. I have been extensively involved in the American Physical Therapy Association, holding positions at the District, State, and National levels over the years, and serving on the Ethics Board for 12 years. I worked and traveled with the US Paralympic Snowboard team, traveled and worked with Bridging Bionics, as well as engaged as a presenter for The Givens Institute and Boston College.


I focus on an integrated approach to patient care, working closely with the patient’s needs and goals. I emphasize integrating the art and science of evidence-based treatment to include manual therapy, Dry Needling, and exercise with Owen’s recovery Blood Flow Restriction training for my patients.


I was fortunate to grow up in Basalt, developing an appreciation for mountain culture and lifestyle from my parents. I enjoy hiking, alpine, and Nordic skiing, biking, and camping. I love reading and cooking. I am blessed to have a great partner in my husband and am fortunate to have raised my son in the Roaring Fork Valley.


RFPT is a fee-for-service clinic. My rate is $300 per session at my clinic location at 1450 East Valley Road, Suite 203, Basalt, CO 81621, located in the Midvalley Medical Building. I do not bill insurance.

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