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Rebuilding Health.

Rehabilitating Injury/Disease.

Restoring Function.

Revitalizing Life.

Roaring Fork Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing each patient and client with the best and most complete outpatient rehabilitation.


Roaring Fork Physical Therapy was incorporated in April of 1990, and currently offers over 24 years of service to the Roaring Fork Valley. Roaring Fork Physical Therapy has emphasized a focus on accommodating and facilitating patient care in rehabilitation
from injury and disease, functional restoration of patient health goals, and revitalizing patient's and client's lives through health and wellness promotion in the Midvalley, Roaring Fork Valley, and beyond!


Roaring Fork Physical Therapy (RFPT) is a multi-faceted rehabilitation clinic with one convenient location in the Midvalley region of the Roaring Fork Valley; in the Midvalley Medical Center of Basalt. The staff at RFPT is highly trained and empathetic to the needs, concerns, and well-being of patients and clients. RFPT is equipped with exceptionally trained staff, full gym equipment, modalities, private treatment rooms, and a welcoming atmosphere offering the best, most current, and fully comprehensive care for varied scopes of orthopedic, sports rehabilitation, neurologic, and geriatric care.


RFPT offers current, innovative, evidence-based treatments for physical therapy and RFPT does contract for speech therapy. RFPT offers insurance billing for patient convenience.


Patients know that by choosing RFPT, they will receive excellent individualized care, patient education, and exemplary
customer service.

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