Physical Therapy


Full evaluation and patient goals are paramount in developing a physical therapy plan for patients. Physical therapy at RFPT is the interaction of the patient/client and physical therapist to determine what impairments or dysfunctions a patient may have and how to develop a treatment plan towards rehabilitating the body, restoring the patient’s function and ultimately revitalizing the patients life.


Our Physical Therapist are highly skilled, with many years of practice and multitude of continuing education courses. They work one on one with the patient to promote increased mobility, decreased pain, functional ability and agility, and improve quality of life.


Physical therapy services offered include evaluation, goal determination, joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, myofascial manipulation, therapeutic exercise and activities, neuromuscular re-education, gait training, modalities as needed including ultrasound, ionto and phonophoresis, electrical stimulation, TENS and NMES, cervical and lumbar traction, paraffin, ice and heat.


Occupational Therapy


RFPT offers occupational therapy with a Certified hand Therapist to facilitate evaluation and treatment focused on recovering, maintaining and promoting participation in activities of daily living, job side evaluations, adaptive equipment recommendations and skill development to promote improved quality of life.


Orthodic Evaluation and Fabrication


Roaring Fork Physical Therapy works hand in hand with Western Slope Orthotics (970.243.9255) to develop the best orthoses for each individual and their specific needs from foot orthoses, to custom knee braces to spinal braces to pediatric helmets. John Morris is a fully trained Orthotist, offering custom evaluation, fabrication and fitting of each orthoses. Orthotic management is designed to control, guide, limit and/or immobilize and extremity or joint or body segment for a particular diagnosis.


Bike Fitting


Roaring Fork Physical Therapy works with John Weirath, Physical therapist and professional cyclist with a strong background in biomechanics and injury prevention to offer custom fitting for improved performance on your bike, injury management and prevention on your bike and facilitating comfort. John uses state of the art technology of Retul Fit Technology with his background in physical therapy to provide the best possible fit.


Kinesio Taping


Kinesio Taping is a therapeutic application of specialized tape that is designed to assist fascia, muscle, joint, lymphatic and skin functions to promote the body’s natural healing process and decrease pain. It is a “time tested, therapeutic taping method using a uniquely designed elastic tape”. We have therapists who are certified Kinesio Taping Practitioners who utilize the theory and application designed by the developer, Dr. Kase, to facilitate the “journey into the total treatment of each patient as an individual” (Kase et al.)


Functional Dry Needling


A technique using fine monofilament needles to reset dysfunctional muscle tissue and resolve painful trigger points. Dry Needling is an effective treatment for acute and chronic pain, rehabilitation from injury, and eve pain and injury prevention. This technique is a unique application of neuromuscular re-education and manual therapy promoting normalizing muscular tissue. RFPT has certified and fully trained Functional Dry Needling practitioners on staff.


Ergonomic Evaluations / Work Hardening / Functional Capacity Evaluation


RFPT will come to your work site and offer a complete ergonomic assessment and evaluation of specific needs and application of work site fitting for an individual. Our therapists are fully trained in work hardening and FCE evaluation.


Splint Fabrication


RFPT offers custom Upper Extremity splint fabrication by a Certified Hand Therapist / OT for static and dynamic splint options. Working closely with the hand surgeons in the state, RFPT offers the biomechanical support and correction following tendon repairs, fractures, and other Upper Extremity maladies.

Wellness Program


RFPT has exercise physiologists on staff that can help you develop a post-rehabilitation program designed to ultimately meet your wellness and healthy living needs. We work with TAC and TAC Fitness to build the best program for your needs. Our clinic has light work out equipment that our patients are welcome to continue to utilize after they have been discharged from formal treatment to promote continuation of strength and wellness.

Women's and Men's Health


Women's and Men's Health PT, also known as pelvic floor physical therapy, is specialized treatment for people with a variety of problems related to the muscles, joints, nerves, and other components of the pelvis and surrounding structures. People of all genders and all ages can experience pelvic floor problems; some common issues include urinary or fecal incontinence, pelvic and tailbone pain, pain with sex, and bowel dysfunctions like IBS and constipation. Pelvic floor PT can also help people recovering from significant health changes such as pregnancy or urogynecologic surgeries (hysterectomy, prostatectomy, etc.), as well as long-standing conditions like endometriosis or chronic pelvic pain. For more information on how we can help, visit our pelvic health-specific site at